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 We accept donations of money in any amount and equipment to support our program. 

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 GVSS, 404 SE 2nd Street, Suite 100, Grimes, IA 50111


We greatly appreciate the faithful and generous donations of individuals, many of whom are our clients.

Becky Arthur, Bill Lego, Carl Davis, David Chrisinger, Delores Anderson, Dennis & Denise Bickford, Donald & Ruth Wallace, Doyle Gillis, Jr., Ethel Sturtevant, Frank & Elaine Marsh, Gale & Larry Peters, Harold & Eileen Honeck, Irene & Osborne Wheeler, Joann Orchard, Marie Hutcheson, Marjorie Chrisinger, Ruth Otto, Teresa Bahr, Wanda Armstrong, Anonymous

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Amazon Smile, Anne Wandrey, Barbara Henry, Cynthia Kreklau, David Chrisinger, Deb Bailey, Don & Drue Cavanaugh, don & Mary Lou Friar, Donald Stams, Dorothy Greif, Esther Rogers, Janice Kubovich, Jon & Diane Gilliam, Joseph & Margaret Biegger, June Harvey, Kimberly Moran, Lois Bannister, Marilyn Scott, Marjorie Perkins, Max Gibson, Quentin & Lori Greenough, Raedean Campbell, Susan Ballard, Suzy Dobbs, Virginia Shiffler, Vivian Kerns

Dorothy Letsch, Gloria Perry, Grace Rich Memorial, Irene Buddenberg, Michael & Eileen Bleskacek, Michael & Lisa Wray, Ron & Sheila Oolman, Skip & Louise Hauger

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Jay & Gloria Brewer
Sam & Dee Nicklos
Tom & Mary Letsch
Jerry Nicklos