Louise Hauger 

Loree Herman grew up in Derby Kansas.  She moved to Grimes two years ago when her husband Joe was stationed at Fort Des Moines.  Joe recently retired from the Army after being stationed in Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Iowa.

Loree has five children; Joey, 27; Caleb, 13; Cirrinty, 12; Cecilia, 4; and Camden, 2; In addition to being a stay at home mom, Loree has also worked in the Pharmacy department at Walgreens Drug Store.

Loree volunteers at GVSS as a chance to get out of the house, have adult conversations and to help others.  She seems to have gotten carried away a bit.  In addition to working on the Snow Patrol and Yard Patrol, she also drives clients and works in the office as a scheduler.  She often takes her youngest two children with her when driving clients, something the clients always enjoy. She has also encouraged and included Caleb and Cirrinity to volunteer and they are also involved in Snow Patrol and Yard Patrol.

Over the years GVSS has had several volunteers who have encouraged their children to volunteer as well.  It is a great way to teach your children to be engaged in a meaningful way to help others.Loree, Caleb and Cirrinity all enjoy the clients and other volunteers and would recommend volunteering for GVSS to others.  Loree is now the GVSS Office Manager.

​​​Loree Herman,

GVSS Office Manager

Louise is a new volunteer for GVSS, but she comes with a varied background of volunteering

She grew up in North Dakota and earned an associate degree in accounting from the State School of Science in Wahpeton, ND.  After several accounting jobs in Minnesota and North Dakota, and a second marriage, she tells of moving from Cavalier, North Dakota to Iowa. “During the winter of 1988 we had 16 inches of snow,” Louise said. “And every time it snowed again it was another 16 inches it seemed, so much that my step son could ski from outside our kitchen window. I said I’m not staying here.”

Her husband worked for an optical company and was able to transfer to another site in Iowa. They settled Grimes. During her years of working, full time and part time, she found satisfaction in volunteering.  “I volunteered for my church, Meals from the Heartland,  the American Business Women’s Association and others,” she says,  “I also have a card ministry, I keep a calendar of names and send ‘how are you’ cards each month to a number of people who may need a greeting.”

When Louise retired in 1989 after 21 years, with that company, the staff held a retirement party for her. “It was so humbling, they each told something they knew about me and I was so touched to know that something I had done had made a difference in their lives,” she says. “One week before I retired, my neighbor’s husband died, so I stepped in to help her, with funeral arrangements and other things that needed to be done. I just feel that this is my mission, or calling in life,”

Louise heard about GVSS from Bob and Verlena Oliver, who were her neighbors   “One thing that I appreciate about GVSS is how professional, and organized they are,” she says. “They keep good track of their clients and their needs.”

Louise says that she enjoys the clients she has been given to drive. “I know that as time goes on I will become busier.”    

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Gus Henrici was born and raised in Somerset West, South Africa. He studied three years for his diploma in agriculture sciences, and then worked with small farmers in Zambia.

 He went back to school to earn his degree in Theology. He met his future wife in Africa where she was a missionary intern from Iowa. Henrici came to Iowa in 2001 where the couple was married. They returned after one year to Mozambique to the mission field, but because of family reasons, they came back to America in 2010 and settled in Grimes. 
T​he Henrici’s began attending Crossroads Community Church, and after a few
months Gus was offered the position of Associate Pastor. Henrici became interested in GVSS (Grimes Volunteer Support Services), when President JayBrewer visited his church to talk about the organization being developed, and subsequently was made a member of the Board of Directors. “Community is important,” Henrici says, “serving the community, and doing for each other is important. We tend to think that there is great need for serving in the mission field, but there are needs everywhere, even here in Grimes.” June  2011

Gus served on the board from Dec. 14, 2010 until Dec. 31, 2013 and continues to actively volunteer.