Volunteer Application Packet  

We are pleased you are considering volunteering for GVSS.  The welfare of our clients is uppermost with us so please excuse us if we are a bit picky.  In order to be accepted as a volunteer everyone will need to complete items #1,  #2 and #3.  If you are interested in being a driver volunteer for GVSS, you will also need to complete items #4 and #5.

All of these items may be mailed to us at GVSS, 404 SE 2nd Street, Suite 100, Grimes, IA 50111 or you may turn them into us at our office at 404 SE 2nd Street, Suite 100 in Grimes between 9 and 11 AM on any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.    515-986-5355   If you have access to a scanner, you can complete, sign, scan and email to us as well.  info@grimesvss.com

1.  Complete and sign Volunteer Application (2 pages).

2.  Sign the copy of the Volunteer Policies and Procedures (4 pages).  If you did not get another copy of the Policies, let us know and we will get you a copy.

3.  Complete and sign the last two pages of the GVSS DISCLOSURE FORMS (3 pages).

4.  A copy of your driver’s license.

5.  A copy of the verification of your automobile liability coverage.  This may be a card you carry in your billfold or a half sheet you carry in your vehicle.

Please check to make sure you signed all places requested.  After we have contacted your references, submitted your name for a background check and run a check on your driving record, we will notify you if you have been accepted.


Andrea Hodapp, Andrea Sabus, Ann Musfeldt, Bill Lego, Brian Buethe, Bridget Rottinghaus, Caleb Herman, Carrie Wiersma, Cathy Ballard, Cirrinity Herman, Clint Dudley, Cyle Taylor, Dave Lewis, Delores Anderson, Denise Bickford, Diana Hudson, Donna Crosby, Doyle Gillis, Jr., Drue Cavanaugh, Fred Crawford, Garry Gilbert, Gina Smith-McMillen, Gloria Brewer, Gloria Perry, Greg Means, Gus Henrici, Harold Honeck, Jack Flaherty, Jay Brewer, Jessica Wietzke, Jo Tosh, Joan Warren, Joe Herman, John Oolman, Kayla Bruns, Kelley Brown, Kevin Kirkwood, Kevin Larsen, Loree Herman, Louise Hauger, Mary Claseman, Maxwell Hodapp,   Mike Bleskacek, Michael Vaughn, Mitzi Chizek, Nicholas Lees, Racheal Henrici, Rachel Raibikis,  René Leppert, Ron Oolman, Ruth Miller, Ryleah Cross, Savannah, Dunbar, Sherrie DeShetler, Steve Hudson, Steve Johnson, Steve Miller, Tammy Robinson, Taylor Holt, Teresa Bahr,  Tom Letsch, Wanda Armstrong

Our expectation is that our volunteers do not do anything because they feel they have to but because they want to.  You limit what, when and how often you provide assistance to others or the organization.

         Here are a few of our volunteers



We began providing services in February of 2011 and are always looking for additional volunteers to help us serve area residents.  You are able in the application to tell us when and how often you want to be available.   We will respect those limitations.

Those interested in volunteering should do the following:

  • Print out and complete the Volunteer Application package which includes the GVSS DISCLOSURE FORMS for background checks..  Applicants will need to sign the application as well as a copy of the Policies and Procedures AND the last two pages of the GVSS DISCLOSURE FORMS.
  • Those wising to drive for GVSS must also submit (and keep current) a copy of their driver license and proof of liability insurance coverage.  GVSS provides an additional blanket coverage above and beyond the driver insurance as well as workers compensation type coverage.

Please check to make sure you signed the application in BOTH places and the last two pages of the GVSS Disclosure form.  After we have contacted your references and run a check on your driving record, we will notify you if you have been accepted.