We were formed in 2010 to provide assistance to area residents to help them stay in their homes.  We are an all-volunteer organization that provides transportation and other services without charge to those in need.  Our focus has always been "neighbors helping neighbors".​​

Jay W. Brewer, Pres.

GVSS Board


Since we began.....

if you NEED HELP, PLEASE GIVE US A call 515-986-5355.

Have you thought about giving back to your community?  Join 80+ volunteers, retired and full time workers who MAKE time to help those in need.  They shouldn't have all the fun!  You limit when and how much you volunteer.


GVSS has been providing services to Grimes area residents since February 2011.  Since then we have provided more than 4,800 trips (including over 1,000 to the Grimes Senior Meal Site), driven over 103,000 miles and contributed over 17,000 hours of service to organize and provide assistance to residents of the community.

GVSS has over 190 clients and over 85 volunteers providing services. 

Because of outstanding community support, we have grown tremendously since 2011.  We do not employ any staff but are an all-volunteer organization.  We continue to need additional volunteers.  If you are interested, please contact our office at 515-986-5355.

We are an Active
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Our Mission:  To provide needed services without charge to individuals in the Grimes area to assist them to remain in their home.


Alex Adams, Alex Cross, Andrea Sabus, Ashley Schepler, Bill Lego, Bob King, Brian Buethe, Clint Dudley, Conrad Wiser, Dave Lewis, Delores Anderson, Diana Hudson, Dan Norris, Don Hart, Drue Cavanaugh, Elessa Vath, Gloria Brewer, Grace Rich, Gus Henrici, Guy Tenold, Harold Honeck, Jay Brewer, Jeanne Rippere,  Jerry Nicklos, Jim Rich, Jo Tosh,  Joan Warren, Kelley Brown, Lanna Shepard,  Lonni Docter, Louise Hauger, Mary Claseman,  Maxine Grove, Mike Bleskacek, Mitzi Chizek, Molly Wolfe,  Pam Short, René Leppert,  Ron Oolman, Ruth Miller, Ruth Otto, Ryleah Cross, Skip Hauger, Steve Hudson, Steve Johnson, Steve Miller, Steve Walker, Tammy Robinson, Teresa Bahr, Tom Letsch, Tom Vath,  Valerie Johnson, Wesley Steele

supportive heroes($1,000+)

  • Transportation for medical appointments, shopping, social events, library, , prescriptions
  • Minor home repair and maintenance
  • Yard work & snow removal
  • Durable Medical Equipment loans
  • ​Personal assistance